On April 20th, at 4:20 in the afternoon, cannabis enthusiasts across the country take up their favorite vapes, edibles, joints, pipes, and more to celebrate that high holy day of weed: 420. But do you know why 420 became such a massive part of cannabis culture? We didn’t, and so we decided to put on our sleuthing caps to investigate just how this fun cannabis celebration got its start.

420 Myths Busted

There are a whole slew of myths surrounding the origins of 420. Some people say it has to do with Bob Marley, while others think 420 is the number of chemical compounds in cannabis. (Quick hint: it’s not, we’re still learning about all the chemicals in cannabis and what they do). Some have even traced the term to the number of a legalization bill in Congress (we wish) or agricultural tips on when the best time of the year to plant weed may be (in truth, it varies). The plot thickens when we get to the band the Grateful Dead and their many merry fans known as Deadheads. Many people think that the term originated here, but while that community did help spread the use of the term, they just helped it spread. So where did 420 come from?

420 For Real

All signs point to the idea of 420 coming from the 1970s and a group known as “the Waldos.” The Waldos were made up of five to twelve friends from San Rafael, California. The story goes that the Waldos liked to get high together, but had to get creative in how they met up and communicated about their little get-togethers. 4:20 pm was the time that they were all done with school and school-related activities, and so that’s when they usually met.

Their shorthand stuck and made its way into mainstream use. These days, cannabis lovers everywhere use the term 420 to indicate casual cannabis use, and we also celebrate this marvelous plant on April 20th at 4:20 pm. This year, 420 falls on a Friday, what better excuse than to grab a few friends, pack a bowl, and blaze on into the night? Somehow we think the Waldos, wherever they are today, would be proud.

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