How to End 2018 On a High Note (& Prep for 2019!)

December is here, and we’re in full swing for the holidaze! It’s time to come together, take stock, and get ready to launch into a new year. Why wait to leap into the new year as a new you? You can make the leap now and get a head start on everyone else. Remember, when it comes to new habits, baby steps are all you need to get started. And, if those new year new you resolutions are feeling overwhelming, remember that cannabis can help.

Get Healthy

Determined to break the late night wine/snack cycle? There’s a strain for that. Prep a fat dab or breathe deep as you vape and let yourself drift with a chill strain with the right terpene mix to get the relaxation of a glass of wine for zero calories. If you're desperate for a sugar fix, treat yourself to a 10 mg piece of your favorite edible. After all, edibles make for a great treat because you only go overboard on those once (amirite?). Sure, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cannabis are the munchies, but never fear! Did you know that women are less likely to get the munchies and that the average weed smoker is actually slimmer than a non-smoker? According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine people who consume or smoke cannabis are not only leaner, but their bodies respond better to sugar.

Get Better Sleep

So, you’re slaying the game, meeting all your deadlines, and sneaking in those workouts, but are you getting what you truly need? That’s right, more sleep. Sleep is a gamechanger. Not only does it feel great, but it also comes with a whole slew of benefits. Enough quality sleep helps to improve memory, curb inflammation, aid creativity, and is a key part of maintaining a healthy weight. Turns out getting enough sleep is pretty important. If you’re having trouble sleeping, ending your day with a strain that encourages sleep can help send you to dreamland. Check out this handy article from to discover strains that are good for rest.

Come Together

Having a great community is an essential part of a healthy life. Maybe you’re part of a running club, or a gaming group, perhaps you do yoga or are part of a writing group, or maybe you just like to hang with your friends. All of those are excellent activities, but if we know one thing about cannabis, we know that it’s great for bringing people together. Why not add a bit of cannabis to your already formed groups? Or, if you don’t have one already, start a hangout and smoke sesh with some 420-friendly friends. Ask your budtender for help in finding strains that bring on the giggles and make with the puff, puff, pass.

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Your Nearly Complete Cannabis Gift Guide

Believe it or not, it’s already time to start thinking about Holiday gift giving. We know. It makes us want to light up a joint too and stay in a nice haze for the next few weeks too, but don’t give in. Stay above the Black Friday madness and make this the greenest Season ever! Here are some ideas to find the perfect gift for each and every stoner in your life.

Help Them Gear Up for a Great Sesh

What flower aficionado's life is complete without a great grinder? We’ve got a great array of grinders for you to choose from. Whether you like prerolls or rolling your own blunts, every smoker needs a great ashtray. Why not pick something unique like these dope ashtrays from SeshNotStigma that are made out of recycled skateboards or make sure you always make the best choice when you have the munches with this yummy donut ashtray.

Want something that’s a bit more mobile? Go with a stash bag. Every cannabis lover needs a great or stash bag that locks in that amazing flower smell. Try one of the smaller ones from Ryot or a larger locking bag from StashLogix. Need to get your preroll from point A to point B and keep it safe? A Green Jay Single Tube is a neat little discreet carrying case that protects your roll and ensures a great time whenever you reach your destination.

Find Them Some Choice Canna Adjacent Things

Um. Hello. Snoop Dogg wrote a cookbook. Yeah, it may not have explicitly infused recipes, but we know you and your crew are more than capable of getting crazy with the cannabutter. Just make sure to dose carefully! Does your friend have a dog? Make sure they’re walking the coolest pup in the park with this cannabis leaf dog collar. Got a friend who loves shiny things? Rep the Washington weed scene and check out these sweet pieces from Blunted Objects.

Go All in On Green

And, last, but CERTAINLY not least, is that good green stuff itself. Treat your friend to something they haven’t tried before and go big with something like a new topical from Ceres or get them an eighth of their favorite strain Blue Roots or Cashmere Cannabis. Are they new to the vape scene? Check out a tasty cart from Avitas, Double Delicious, or Hellavated or pick out a fun new battery from our selection.

Have you ever been given the most amazing cannabis gift ever?? Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or stop by the store and clue us in. We’re located at 9107 N. Country Homes Blvd. Unit #13 Spokane, WA. Our store is open Sunday-Thursday 8am-10pm and Friday & Saturday 8am-11pm. You can even check out our menu before you head on over. Weed love to see you soon.

Top 5 Ways that People Enjoy Cannabis

Top 5 ways to consume and enjoy cannabis

Cannabis is amazing. The more we learn about this fantastic plant, the more there is to discover. From multiple types of cannabinoids (it’s not just about the THC), to terpenes, to the entourage effect, cannabis is a complicated and versatile plant. And what’s even more amazing about this green goodness is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. From premium flower to standout tinctures, here are some of the top ways people are diving into and enjoying cannabis according to industry leading trend tracker BDS analytics.

It’s All About the Flower

Of course, flower, the OG, is leading the way. In terms of know-how and culture saturation, flower is a no-brainer. So many growers are producing such gorgeous, pesticide-free strains that it’s definitely a smoker’s paradise. Some of our favorites are Do Si Do, Samoas, and Grape Ape.

Vaporizers R Us

Vapes are convenient, portable, and relatively discreet and they’re quickly creeping up on flower in terms of popularity. These days there are so many vapes on the market that we’re really spoiled for choice, whether you want CBD, high THC, full spectrum, or some combination of the three, there’s a vape for you.

Perfect Pre-rolls

Who doesn’t love a great pre-roll? Simple, convenient, packed with great flower and created by a pro, so you never have to worry about a bad roll interrupting your smoke sesh. A ton of great growers are getting into the pre-roll game, and we couldn’t be happier. Ask one of our friendly budtenders to recommend something great the next time you’re in the shop.

The Great Gummy Tragedy

Coming in at number four as people’s faves are gummies. Unfortunately, the state of Washington has recently passed new legislation around both gummies and hard candy prohibiting their production. So, if you have a favorite gummy or hard candy edible, make sure you come in and stock up soon because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Believe it or not, it’s tinctures that are rounding off our top five list. But, if you think about it, it makes sense, it’s a great slow but sure way to get into accurate cannabis dosing. If you’re new to cannabis or trying to get an accurate dose for a medical issue, droppers make sense. They’re easy to transport, easy to measure, and all in all, just a great way to enjoy cannabis.

What are some of your favorite ways to experience cannabis? Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or stop by the store and let us know your vote! We're located at 9107 N. Country Homes Blvd. Unit #13 Spokane, WA. Our store is open Sunday-Thursday 8am-10pm and Friday & Saturday 8am-11pm. You can even check out our menu before you head on over. Weed love to see you soon!

3 Ways to Welcome Fall in Spokane

It’s official, the skies are grey, the days are getting shorter, and the pumpkin spice invasion is in full swing. Fall has definitely come to Washington. These chilly days may have you down, but don’t panic, autumn in Spokane brings its own joys. Here are just a few of them.

Get Spooked

What pairs best with pumpkin spice? A haunted house or two, of course. Find your courage with a bit of the good stuff and get out there. Check out the King Family Haunted House in Mead. It’s a donation optional haunted house opening back up in October. Want a bit more of a challenge? Try an escape room! Escape with the loot in a daring heist. Match wits against the mafia. Or stop a rogue secret agent at Escape Spokane. Want something a bit more outdoorsy? Check out Carver Farms where you can pick your own pumpkins, wander a corn maze, or closer to Christmas, even cut your own Christmas tree.

Hold a Kitchen Throw Down

Scares not your thing? Grab a group of friends and discover who’s top chef. Loser does the dishes. Get creative and try out this canna-infused Big Shrimp’n Salad. Go with a sure crowd pleaser with this mouthwatering Nachos with Cheddar Cheese or take a walk on the wild side with Bruschetta Ricotta and Cheese. And sure, why not? Succumb to pumpkin mania and top it all off with this Pumpkin Roll Up Cake. We know you want to.

Bonfire it Up

What better way to celebrate Fall than to grab your favorite strains and enjoy them with the people you love? You may not need to go foraging for sticks for this recipe, but what bonfire would be complete without a s'more? Check out this recipe for Stoner S’Mores and enjoy them around the flames. If you get rained out, you can always move inside for some pumpkin carving!

What are some of your favorite ways to fall into the season? Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or stop by the store and tell us what you've got cooking this fall! We're located at 9107 N. Country Homes Blvd. Unit #13 Spokane, WA. Our store is open Sunday-Thursday 8am-10pm and Friday & Saturday 8am-11pm. You can even check out our menu before you head on over. Weed love to see you soon!

The Primordial Plant

Picture this. You’re a cannabis farmer. Okay, maybe you actually are one, but stick with us. You’re a cannabis farmer 13,000 years ago. One cold morning you throw on a few pelts and trudge outside to tend to your crop, only to find a herd of Woolly Mammoths grazing in it, and a Saber-Toothed Cat ready to graze on the Mammoths. Yeah. The first marijuana farmers didn’t have to worry about government regulations, but they did have to worry about the dangers of the Ice Age. The point is, cannabis is old. Older, in fact, than wheat. Older than barley. Older than bitter vetch, whatever that is. Many thousands of years before people started referring to pot as an “evil drug,” it was being used for everything from medicine to boat sails to holy anointing oil.


In 2500 B.C., the tombs of noble people buried in China were found to contain mummified psychoactive cannabis. Archaeologists believe that the Chinese were the first people to harvest the plant, and that they used it in a myriad of ways, including as an anesthetic for surgery. The Chinese used the strong fiber to make textiles, rope, clothing, and paper. And the same plant that we now smoke for some relaxation and peace was once used by the Chinese to make bow fibers. Cannabis was once a weapon of war!

From China, the word about marijuana spread quickly. Chinese farmers started sharing it with the Koreans. Then an Indo-European group called the Scythians began using it to purify themselves when honoring their dead leaders. They Scythians, who traveled long distances by horse-drawn wagons, took cannabis all over Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The Indians (who called it ghanja, meaning twisted rope) used it for anxiety, and the Greeks and Romans used it to get incredibly high.

Remember what we said earlier about cannabis being made into holy anointing oil? Well, you can actually find a recipe for that oil in the Bible. In Exodus 30:23, God instructs Moses to make the oil using myrrh, cinnamon, and Kaneh-bosom – otherwise known as cannabis. Yeah. Moses got blazed.


In the 19th century, cannabis arrived in South America, made its way north to Mexico, then reached the U.S. during the Mexican Revolution. There were many in the United States who welcomed cannabis. But there were many more who weren’t so enthusiastic. You see, this was a time in the U.S. when racial tensions between Americans and Mexican immigrants was very high (sound familiar?). And marijuana was viewed as a drug that was popular with Mexicans. You get the picture.

In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act was created, subjecting anybody cultivating or consuming cannabis to fines of up to $2,000 and five years imprisonment. Then in 1952, the Boggs Act increased penalties for marijuana related offenses to a prison sentence of 2 to 10 years and a fine of up to $20,000. And in the 1970’s, as part of Nixon’s war on drugs, the Controlled Substances Act declared that marijuana was equal to heroin and LSD in its potential for harm and abuse, and the federal government would certainly treat it as such.

Of course, things are much different today. Legislation has turned in favor of cannabis. In 2012, our own state of Washington legalized recreational marijuana, and since then seven more states have done the same. A Gallup poll conducted in 2017 showed that 64% of Americans support legalization.

Now that you know its history, get better acquainted with cannabis by visiting our store for some stimulating goodies! Our friendly budtenders are here to answer any questions you may have, and to find the best strains for you. See you soon!

Hemp and Cannabis: Not One in the Same

There are politicians who are still trying to wrap their heads around this one, but the fact is that hemp and cannabis are not the same thing. It’s easy to equate the two. After all, they both come from the same plant, and they are often used interchangeably in conversation. But hemp and marijuana are quite different. How different? Glad you asked!


If you smoke hemp, you won’t get high. Give it a try. You can smoke it from morning til night and it won’t make a difference. In fact, you’ll probably just get a nasty headache. There just isn’t enough THC in hemp to have a psychoactive effect. While marijuana can contain 5-20% of THC on average, hemp will top out at .3% max. No, hemp won’t get you high. But it’s a heck of an agricultural and industrial product.


Again, hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, but they don’t look the same. Remember the movie TWINS? Ok, think of hemp as Arnold Schwarzenegger and marijuana as Danny DeVito. Hemp has strong, fibrous stalks that can reach heights of 20 feet. Marijuana, on the other hand, is short and bushy. Another difference? Hemp has very few branches and flowering buds. Marijuana has broad leaves and compact buds that are often hairy. They have the same momma, but you’d never know it by looking at them.


Take a drive around the American Midwest and you might find hemp growing in patches of weeds. Yeah. Hemp grows wildly and easily. In fact, it can tolerate all manner of climates. But if you’ve ever tried growing marijuana in your dorm room, then you know it needs a carefully controlled environment. Cannabis is sensitive. It needs a warm and humid atmosphere, and a lot of TLC.


Hemp can be made into a slew of widely used products, like paper, clothes, canvas, twine, fuel, body lotions and oils, construction materials, food, paint, detergent, and even boat sails. You can even eat hemp seeds like nuts.

You’d have a pretty hard time making a new suit from marijuana, but it makes up for its lack of industrial utility by getting you high. And, it might do WAY more than that. Studies suggest that cannabis may decrease anxiety, control seizures, reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco, slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, and even stop cancer cells from spreading. Not bad for the Danny DeVito of plants.

If you have any questions about hemp vs. marijuana, remember that our friendly budtenders can give you answers. Stop by and let’s chat!

Spokane Kicks Off Summer!

We’re so excited that the weather is changing and we’re finally seeing some sun, because, it's time to get out and enjoy Spokane’s summer festivals! Did you know that Spokane County, Washington is home to the largest Hoops Festival on Earth?! In addition to this fun, fast-paced Spokane event there’s a heart-pounding electronica dance festival too. As Eastern Washington’s original cannabis store, we’re thrilled to tell you all about these local events that are sure to create a buzz!

Paradiso Festival – June 14th – 17th

The Paradiso Festival is the largest electronic music festival in the Pacific Northwest known for its mesmerizing music and breathtaking location, The Gorge. Here you will bump to the beats from your favorite DJs spanning three stages, be entertained by aerialists and circus performers while riding a Ferris Wheel as you soak up the majestic beauty that surrounds
you. Paradiso Festival is advertised as the place “where digital meets nature,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Hoopfest – June 30th – July 1st

Spokane’s Hoopfest is like no other festival; basketball teams come from all over the country to compete in a 3-on-3 outdoor basketball tournament for bragging rights and prizes. Hoopfest is known as the largest hoop festival on Earth, and there is no disputing that statement when 6,000 teams, 3,000 volunteers, 225,000 fans, and 450 courts spanning 45 city blocks descend upon our great city of Spokane. Whether you come for the electrifying basketball games, unique shopping, tasty food, or interactive entertainment, you’re certainly in for a good time!

Ready to Go? Get Prepared!

As you plan for these fantastic festivals and their after parties, stop by Spokane’s original cannabis shop for all your cannabis needs. We were the first, and we’re the friendliest. Our budtenders are here to answer any of your burning questions, and our inventory and glass collection needs to be seen to be believed!

We’re located at 9107 N. Country Homes Blvd. Unit #13 Spokane, WA. Our store is open Sunday-Thursday 9am-10pm and Friday & Saturday 9am-11pm. You can even check out our menu before you head on over. Weed love to meet you soon!

What’s the Deal with Terpenes?

The world of cannabis is vast. We’re still learning all sorts of new things about this amazing plant. Which is great, because no matter if you’re brand new to cannabis or have been smoking it for a while, there’s always something new to explore. Cannabis terpenes have become a bit of a hot topic lately, and we wanted to give you a brief intro to the wonderful world of terps.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are not unique to cannabis. If you explore terpenes on Wikipedia, you’ll find that they’re described as “...a large and diverse class of organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants, particularly conifers, and by some insects such as termites or swallowtail butterflies, which emit terpenes from their osmeteria.” Terpenes are useful in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, food, essential oils, and makeup. In other words, they’re everywhere.

Are Cannabis Terpenes Different?

According to, “...terpenes are the oils that give cannabis plants and flowers their unique smell. Terpenes originate in the same glands of the cannabis plant as THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.” These terpenes are exactly the same sort of chemicals found in non-cannabis and hemp plants. They’re what give certain strains their unique aromas and can change from harvest to harvest. What’s even more interesting about terpenes is that while they don’t have psychoactive properties themselves, they work with cannabinoids to create something called “the entourage effect,” which may enhance the benefits of using cannabis in all sorts of ways. For more information, check out Project CBD’s article on this phenomenon.

Talk to a Budtender

There are all sorts of different terpenes. Limonene smells like lemons and may have anti-inflammatory properties, while Delta 3 Carene has a piney or earthy aroma, and is also anti-inflammatory, and Terpineol has a pine/clove feel and may have antioxidant properties. The point is, there are so many to explore.

Stop in and ask one of our budtenders what strains might be good to try if you want to check out how different terpenes affect you. We're located at 9107 N. Country Homes Blvd. Unit #13 Spokane, WA. Our store is open Sunday-Thursday 9am-10pm and Friday & Saturday 9am-11pm. You can even check out our menu before you head on over. Weed love to see you soon!

The 411 on 420

On April 20th, at 4:20 in the afternoon, cannabis enthusiasts across the country take up their favorite vapes, edibles, joints, pipes, and more to celebrate that high holy day of weed: 420. But do you know why 420 became such a massive part of cannabis culture? We didn’t, and so we decided to put on our sleuthing caps to investigate just how this fun cannabis celebration got its start.

420 Myths Busted

There are a whole slew of myths surrounding the origins of 420. Some people say it has to do with Bob Marley, while others think 420 is the number of chemical compounds in cannabis. (Quick hint: it’s not, we’re still learning about all the chemicals in cannabis and what they do). Some have even traced the term to the number of a legalization bill in Congress (we wish) or agricultural tips on when the best time of the year to plant weed may be (in truth, it varies). The plot thickens when we get to the band the Grateful Dead and their many merry fans known as Deadheads. Many people think that the term originated here, but while that community did help spread the use of the term, they just helped it spread. So where did 420 come from?

420 For Real

All signs point to the idea of 420 coming from the 1970s and a group known as “the Waldos.” The Waldos were made up of five to twelve friends from San Rafael, California. The story goes that the Waldos liked to get high together, but had to get creative in how they met up and communicated about their little get-togethers. 4:20 pm was the time that they were all done with school and school-related activities, and so that’s when they usually met.

Their shorthand stuck and made its way into mainstream use. These days, cannabis lovers everywhere use the term 420 to indicate casual cannabis use, and we also celebrate this marvelous plant on April 20th at 4:20 pm. This year, 420 falls on a Friday, what better excuse than to grab a few friends, pack a bowl, and blaze on into the night? Somehow we think the Waldos, wherever they are today, would be proud.

Stock Up & Save on 420 Weekend!

Get ready to celebrate 420 this year by stocking up with us throughout the month. Or stop in 4/20-4/22 and we’ll have $50 Ounces, $20 Top Shelf Eighths, $10 Select Eighths, $10 Grams of Oil, $3 Joints, and 20% OFF Paraphernalia. We were Spokane’s first cannabis shop, and we’re the friendliest. Leafly agrees with us too. We’re number two on Leafly’s Spring 2018 best cannabis stores in Washington list! Our friendly budtenders are here to answer any of your burning 420 questions, and our inventory and glass collection is out of this world. Stop in and see us soon!


Check Out Our Very Own Daniel Lopez Original Mural!

We’re thrilled to announce that Spokane’s original recreational cannabis shop now comes standard with its very own unique artwork. We partnered up with Daniel Lopez, a talented local street artist to create a gorgeous mural on one of our larger walls. Daniel came up with a concept we’re thrilled with and broke out his spray paint cans over the course of a few nights after we were closed to make it come to life.

Supporting Local Talent

Our fearless co-owner Todd and a few of our budtenders shared a pizza and burned the midnight oil with Daniel as he worked and is thrilled with the results. Todd was adamant that we support a local artist with this effort.  “Spokane has a very vibrant local art scene, and of course we always want to support the local crowd.” Todd, continues, “Daniel is an incredibly talented up and coming graffiti artist in Spokane and has a lot of his work displayed on buildings around town. We feel fortunate to have partnered up with Daniel for this project.”

Daniel was pleased with how the mural came together. He enjoys creating art in and for local businesses, saying, “Working with Spokane Green Leaf was a great opportunity. I love every chance I get to create art that highlights Spokane and encourages people to visit our wonderful city.” We love our fantastic city and can’t wait to continue partnering up with fantastic local businesses that embody the spirit of Spokane.

Kirk, our other fearless co-owner, agrees. “We wanted to capture Spokane’s vibe and for people to feel at home when they came into the shop. The addition of local art in our store is important to us as we believe the use of cannabis heightens people's creativity. Showcasing a great piece of art in our shop just highlights the possibilities!”

Get Your Creative Juices Going

Looking to bring your own creative processes to new heights? We’ve got the goods to get you there. Stop in to have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders about the best Sativa products and strains to help your art reach new heights.

Speaking of heights, this sucker is huge! The mural is ten feet by sixteen feet and quite a sight to behold. If you are 21+, feel free to come in and take a selfie or a shot with friends! Visit Spokane Green Leaf today to see it for yourself. We can’t wait to say, “High!”