Believe it or not, it’s already time to start thinking about Holiday gift giving. We know. It makes us want to light up a joint too and stay in a nice haze for the next few weeks too, but don’t give in. Stay above the Black Friday madness and make this the greenest Season ever! Here are some ideas to find the perfect gift for each and every stoner in your life.

Help Them Gear Up for a Great Sesh

What flower aficionado’s life is complete without a great grinder? We’ve got a great array of grinders for you to choose from. Whether you like prerolls or rolling your own blunts, every smoker needs a great ashtray. Why not pick something unique like these dope ashtrays from SeshNotStigma that are made out of recycled skateboards or make sure you always make the best choice when you have the munches with this yummy donut ashtray.

Want something that’s a bit more mobile? Go with a stash bag. Every cannabis lover needs a great or stash bag that locks in that amazing flower smell. Try one of the smaller ones from Ryot or a larger locking bag from StashLogix. Need to get your preroll from point A to point B and keep it safe? A Green Jay Single Tube is a neat little discreet carrying case that protects your roll and ensures a great time whenever you reach your destination.

Find Them Some Choice Canna Adjacent Things

Um. Hello. Snoop Dogg wrote a cookbook. Yeah, it may not have explicitly infused recipes, but we know you and your crew are more than capable of getting crazy with the cannabutter. Just make sure to dose carefully! Does your friend have a dog? Make sure they’re walking the coolest pup in the park with this cannabis leaf dog collar. Got a friend who loves shiny things? Rep the Washington weed scene and check out these sweet pieces from Blunted Objects.

Go All in On Green

And, last, but CERTAINLY not least, is that good green stuff itself. Treat your friend to something they haven’t tried before and go big with something like a new topical from Ceres or get them an eighth of their favorite strain Blue Roots or Cashmere Cannabis. Are they new to the vape scene? Check out a tasty cart from Avitas, Double Delicious, or Hellavated or pick out a fun new battery from our selection.

Have you ever been given the most amazing cannabis gift ever?? Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or stop by the store and clue us in. We’re located at 9107 N. Country Homes Blvd. Unit #13 Spokane, WA. Our store is open Sunday-Thursday 8am-10pm and Friday & Saturday 8am-11pm. You can even check out our menu before you head on over. Weed love to see you soon.